Olivia McManus

Olivia McManus


Top 10 critical reads! 

1. 9.5 Theses on Art and Class, Ben Davis, 2013
2. Pirates and Farmers, Dave Hickey, 2013
3. No Innocent Bystanders: Performance Art and Audience, Frazer Ward, 2012
4. Undoing Gender, Judith Butler, 2004
5. Control and Freedom: Power and Paranoia in the Age of Fiber Optics Wendy Chun, 2006
6. Ephemeral Monuments: The History and Conservation of Installation Art, 2013
7. The Shape of Time and the History of Things, George Kubler, 2008
8. Art and Pornography: Philosophical Essays, 2012
9. Perpetual Inventory, Rosalind Krauss, 2013
10. Art/Porn: A History of Seeing and Touching, Kelly Dennis, 2009

10 albums you need to download!

1. The New Classic, Iggy Azalea, 2014
2. Victor, Prinze George, 2014 (EP release expected soon)
3. After the Disco, Broken Bells, 2014
4. Cosmo Sheldrake, The Moss, EP 201
5. Post Tropical, James Vincent McMorrow, 2014
6. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals: The Lion, the Beast, and the Beat, 2012
7. Goddess, Banks, 2014
8. Raleigh Ritchie, Black and Blue, 2013.
9. Songza.com, Blogged 50
10. Hypem.com, A curated collection of rising music pulled from different music blogs.

10 classics for a rainy day!

1. Ferris Buellers Day Off
2. Animal House
3. ScarFace
4. Happy Gilmore
5. GoodFellas
6. Swingers
7. The Breakfast Club
8. Mean Girls
9. Pulp Fiction
10. The Birdcage

10 great spots for food and drink in Chicago!

1. Brunch at The Southport Grocer
2. Donuts at Glazed and Infused
3. Sandwiches’ at Publican Quality Meats on Fulton
4. Dollop Coffee on Clarendon (Must be on Clarendon all the others are sterile and weird)
5. Lunch at Goddess and the Grocer
6. Thai at Anong on California in Logan Sq. (Order the Panang Curry)
7. Singh’s Noodle House in Chinatown
8. Oysters at Bluebird on Damen
9. Mana Food Bar on Division
10. Skylark in Pilsen

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