Koo Koo

Top Ten Books

*as according to the most liked posts on Instagram tagged with #books, accessed 13 May 2019

1. The Gunslinger, Stephen King
2. Cazadores de Sombras: Renacimiento (The Dark Artifices) [series], Cassandra Clare
3. Liebes Kind, Romy Hausmann (roughly ‘child of love’)
4. Her mit dem schönen Leben, Steffi von Wolff (roughly ’give me the good life’)
5. After Love, Anna Todd
6. Limelight, Amy Poeppel
7. Krähen Mädchen (The Crow Girl), Erik Axl Sund
8. Karbon Kitaplar, Stefan Zweig
9. The Mango Bride, Marivi Soliven
10. Feniçka, Lou Andreas-Salomé/Ruth, Lou Andreas-Salomé/Arayışlar, Lou Andreas- Salomé

Top Ten Movies

*as according to ones I remember seeing **I don’t watch many movies
1. Only Lovers Left Alive
2. The Mirror
3. Harry Potter series
4. Lord of the Rings trilogy
5. The Hippopatomaus
6. Weekend
7. The Rope
8. Romeo + Juliet (I actually hate this film)
9. The Riot Club
10. Paddington

Top Ten Albums

*as according to iTunes Bestsellers, accessed 13 May 2019

1. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Logic
2. The Platinum Collection (Greatest Hots I, II & III), Queen
4. Hurts 2B Human, P!nk
5. OPUS, Marc Anthony
6. Father of the Bride, Vampire Weekend
7. Gold: Greatest Hits, ABBA
8. Look Up Child, Lauren Daigle
9. The Greatest Showman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Various Artists
10. Diamonds, Elton John

Top Ten anything Chicago

*Hot Dogs, as according to Yelp, accessed 13 May 2019 **I’m a vegan
***I’m from California
1. Portillo’s Hot Dogs
2. Fatso’s Last Stand
3. Jim’s Original Hot Dog
4. Superdawg Drive-In
5. Jr’s Red Hots
6. Lola’s Coney Island
7. Max’s Take Out
8. Chicago’s Dog House
9. Hot”G”Dog
10. Devil Dawgs – South State

Top Ten Artists

*as according to Amazon’s Top Rated Monographs on artists, accessed 13 May 2019

1. Hilma af Klint
2. Jean-Michel Basquiat 3. Andy Warhol
4. Tintoretto
5. Vincent van Gogh
6. Leonardo da Vinci
7. Claude Monet
8. Keith Haring
9. Charles Bargue
10. C.G. (Carl) Jung