Caroline Jacobson

Top 10 books:

-“Learning from Las Vegas” Robert Venturi

-“Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-chic peek behind the pose” Paris Hilton (honestly very very funny if you don’t take yourself too seriously)

-Michelangelo book (Don’t remember exactly which one at the moment but I refer to it constantly)

-Domus architectural review books

-“Doll Making: a creative approach” Jean Ray Laury

-Lord of the Rings

-Metamorphosis of Ovid (I guess)

-Books that don’t exist that I wish would exist:

-A book on American malls: architecture, planning, city planning, etc. Needs many many many images

-Kind of want this to be a series of books that would include grocery stores, strip malls, zoning laws, etc. Could be a concentration on just the Midwest but really could be done all over. 

-A book on comparative furniture (repetitions in form, engineering, aesthetic across the globe and through time)

10 artists:

-Greer Lankton



-Dorothea Tanning

-Michael Graves (architect)

-Hans Hollein (architect)

-Ken Lum

-Gaetano Pesce

-Rachel Feinstein 

10 movies:


-Lord of the Rings

-Legally Blonde

-Josie and the Pussycats

-Pride & Prejudice 

-Hot Rod

-It’s Complicated 

-She’s the Man 

-Last Holiday

-the Holiday 

10 albums:

-Abra “Rose”

-Junglepussy “Satisfaction Guaranteed”

-Junglepussy “Pregnant with Success”

-Thundercat “Drunk”

-Kelela “Cut 4 Me”

-Kelela “Take Me Apart”

-Xavier Ömar “Hours Spent Loving You”

-Beyoncé “B’Day”

-Drake NWTS

-Britney Spears Discography  

10 top things to do in Chicago:

-Get high with your friends and watch bad tv. I guess you can do that anywhere, but we’re talking real Chicago seasonal depression here. 

-Broadway Antiques when it was amazing circa 2015

-Take yourself on walking architectural tour of Chicago (downtown area)

-Drive south on Lake shore drive starting from its northern entrance towards the city

-Montrose Beach

-I know I’m supposed to love contemporary art but I love going to the AIC

-Going to La Escarola with your grandparents (best Italian food in Chicago, try the pollo Pasquinelli it’s named after my grandparents)

-Be single and focus on your work? Maybe not my favorite thing to do here but it’s going well. 

-Lincolnwood Town Center (it’s a mall)

-Village Discount