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Homebodies, MCA,

Homebodies, MCA,

Jun 29–Oct 13, 2013

This show talks about the idea of home, in both literal and metaphorical way, through Oct. 6th. I’m recently curious about the idea of home, so I had a great time there. The exhibition was divided into three sections, ArchitectonicsLabor, and Psychogeographies.  The range of it is quite broad, in the first part involve many work discussing the idea of a home space and the transformation of it, which related to the idea “HOME” the most but also easy to be forgotten. The labor are invisible since we constantly consider home is a space for leisure and labor took place outside of our home, but there’s no space without physical work. The last part is the idea of home, to transfer them into different unfamiliar space. I’m interested in this topic because of we often focus on things or topic outside of home but never look back into our most familiar space. The show has diverse range of work, from photography to sculpture, painting to installation and performance documentation, also involve different discussions in different era, which provides a broad thinking of the idea.