Alderman Exhibition gallery was founded in January 2011, located in 1138 W. Randolph street. The gallery is a commercial space, and is run by Garry Alderman and Ellen Hartwell Alderman. They accept proposals/submissions, and average 6-7 shows per year, most at around 6 weeks in duration. So far, of the 8 artists they present, 2 live in Chicago full-time. Ellen Hartwell Alderman is responsible for the programing.

They think that their public programming makes Alderman stands-out in the Chicago art scene. They provide a place that serves connection point between many of the somewhat isolated groups that gather around the major institutions in Chicago. They provide venue for exchange with a particular interest in breaking down institutional and disciplinary boundaries, while questioning, analyzing and experimenting with methods and conventions of display. The gallery continues to be a place for experimentation and research.

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