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Fashion, Film and Fame: Works from the MoCP Collection

Fashion, Film and Fame: Works from the MoCP Collection

Oct 20 — Dec 22, 2016



Nollywood Portraits: A Radical Beauty

Nollywood Portraits: A Radical BeautyOct 20 — Dec 22, 2016


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Shane Campbell Gallery @ Lincoln Park

Shane Campbell Gallery at Lincoln Park had a great collection of art by Torey Thornton in an apartment space.  They were mostly paintings on the wall.  The paintings were made quickly with acrylic paints and some other mediums.  They were about 30 small abstract paintings, which reminded me of nature.


The colors and freedom in these paintings were truly joyful.  The mediums used in these paintings certainly elevated the level of qualities, for example, the use of spray was successful in making those paintings even more playful.

An image from Shane Campbell Gallery-


Richard Gray Gallery


Richard Gray Gallery was founded in 1964 in Chicago, located in 875 North Michigan Avenue on 38th floor. Richard Gray had good relationships with some famous artist, for example Picasso, and he ran the gallery with great taste in art that the gallery is still able to maintain its high reputation. Paul Gray, the son of Richard Gray, now owns and is in charge of the gallery. Richard Gray gallery is remained collector oriented, rather than focusing on artist representation and promotion. Richard Gray Gallery’s mission is to offer art works high quality art to collectors. Also, the gallery tries not to rely on sale business too much. Richard Gray wanted his gallery to be between a gallery and a museum, where tends to be more academic.

The gallery currently contains well-known artists such as Theaster Gates and Jim Dine. Richard Gray, who teaches students at University of Chicago appreciates works like Jim Dine’s. The piece by Jim Dine that Richard Gray Gallery contains is his latest work. The botanical painting is absolutely different than his earlier works in many aspects. The style and approach to the process in making art had been elevated. Also, Richard Gray Gallery supports many Chicago based artists as well. Theaster Gates’s sculptures are appreciated, and although the exhibition has ended, his works are still kept. Richard Gray Gallery prefers to stay away from advertising too much. The gallery certainly has high value, discretion, and integrity for demanding clients.


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Tal R Lecture

Tal R Visited SAIC as a visiting artist.  Many if his works were based on his imagination, or his memories.  It looked like Tal R was so into abstract art, and his own memories from his youth was his strongest inspiration.  He often invites taboo issues, that are often sexual, and he turns them into playful art by using vibrant colors.  His works are mostly very playful, and in some aspect, childish.  His great sense of humor led the lecture in a great atmosphere, and it was absolutely enjoyable.

Evanston Escola Samba


An event of Samba was held at Armitage Chicago. The event was great and enjoyable that there was no pressure from such grandness that you usually find in classical orchestra. It was pretty much opened to the public that anyone could enjoy. Some Samba instruments were introduced, and a few of them looked like those ones from Stone Age.The atmosphere at the Samba concert was very playful. The music was pretty much close to what you would hear at festivals. Those smaller and bigger drums, and the instruments, which were new to myself created beautiful and very rhythmic music.

No one seemed to be bored during the concert. To be honest, I am not a type of person who enjoy music so much. I never put music around me while working like others do. Also, going to concerts was never my preference. However, Samba was pretty enjoyable, and it seemed it would be applied to anyone that young and old all enjoyed the music and atmosphere.

Booth School of Business

Booth School of Business had a great amount of art exhibited.  The works were placed in places, and it was seen that the person who curated thought a lot to find best spots for each work.  However, because the place is not a gallery space, the presentation of works were poorly done that there was not enough spaces between works.  The school surrounding was beautiful too.



David Leggett Opening @ UIC


David Leggett, who is Chicago based artist had an opening at UIC.  David’s works were mostly in vibrant colors.  Most of his works had at least one figure and letters in them.  His works gives the viewers the sense of reading a cartoon book.

The playfulness is showed in his miniature figures as well.



SOFA 2016

SOFA 2016 was held at Navy Pier.  The arrangement and presentation was a lot better than Expo Chicago 2016.  it looked more professionally done.  However, if Expo Chicago gave you feelings of visiting a huge gallery, SOFA 2016 gave you more feelings of being in a shopping mall.

It absolutely had more than paintings and drawings.  It had lots of jewelry and other accessories, like phone covers.


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Zak Prekop Opening

On Sep. 10th at Shane Campbell Gallery, there was an opening by an artist Zak Prekop.  There was about 10 minute performance as well, and the atmosphere was great during the performance that children seemed to be enjoying the show too.

His paintings mostly have patterns in simple form.  However, the patterns are painted extremely clean.