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Chiaro / Oscuro, Chung’s first solo gallery exhibition opened at Public Functionary in Minneapolis, MN as their 2nd show with the brand new project. The show examines the interplay of light and dark as the old and new. The exhibition includes a large scale installation providing a look at four key elements of her practice: traditional drawing technique, digital reproduction, video animation and projection mapping. Her work makes think about a certain rebranding of traditional art and the immersive possibilities of new technologies. She works across print, digital and environmental mediums, to set up visual conflicts of the then and now techniques of creation.

The show was visually stimulating which I expect from new age digital art. However, there was a real lack of surprise which left me feeling a bit underwhelmed upon later mental digestion of the show. With such clique topics as nature and technology next to light and dark, the boundaries seriously need to be pushed for an artist to carve their name in the stone with those topics.

I did leave the exhibit feeling a little proud to be a Minneapolis native with this space now holding shows and lectures to help propel Minneapolis forward in it’s journey to becoming a legitimate arts community. It was only 6 weeks ago that Jerry Saltz was on a panel endorsing their actions. A space like this doesn’t exist in MN, and I expect it to do great things. So, whatever ill feelings I may have with the space, do become a secondary note played, as I feel a pass can be easily granted for only their second show.