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Check Please!


A dude that can’t stop drawing!!! 

Ryan Travis Christian currently up at Western Exhibitions; along side a mural his is collaborating with other artists on the galleries back wall.

Perverted Living


Opening Reception to Perverted Living at FLAT Space Gallery took place last night. Jello on bed, penis fucking clay, bread radios and mattress on the wall. Pretty Tastefully Nasty. Check it out!




Hitting the waves of the LA Gallery shores is Josh Reames at Luis de Jesus entitled #Painting.

#TotallyLABroStatus. Check it out.—-PAINTING—Opens-February-22—March-29–2014.html?soid=1101751546990&aid=GVOuGRsDu6k



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Before you go into Kavi Gupta, bring out your 80’s neon gear and take a pill of ecstasy because you’ll feel like you’re at a rave. Currently up is Jose Lerma’s show Glorioa Superba being made up of large mirror paintings and a whole room installation. The show seems to have a conversation with the works of Jonathon Lasker and Laura Owens. Big, thick one stroke marks playing through the space of the mirror surfaces. I just wish the Radical Audio experience was boosted more to accompany the Visual Experiecne.

Violet Fogs Azure Snot at Corbett Vs. Dempsey


Currently up at Corbett Vs. Dempsey is Violet Fogs Azure Snot, a show of new paintings by Molly Zuckerman-Hartung. Still working through formal concerns in the language of abstract painting, she has deployed a new softer palette and less violent gestures. It seems like she has taken a more conservative approach to these new works. I was not taken by the show. With a name like Molly, you would think the work would operate like ecstasy  but leaves me at a minor high. Lets see how she is on her way to the upcoming Whitney Biennial.