review of 2017 SAIC MFA show

2017 MFA Show
April 29 - May 17
Opening reception: Saturday, 12:00–6:00 p.m.
Sullivan Gallery, 33 S State St., 7th floor
The annual MFA show held at the school of the art institute of Chicago (SAIC) has always been an exciting event that worth to check out. More than one hundred talented SAIC students completing master degrees exhibit innovative works in the show. As a leading national art school, SAIC is famous for crossing disciplines and challenging assumptions, and the results of this approach are showcased in this exhibition.
李嗣洋Siyang Li’s work attracts my attention. There is barely nothing in a simple white cube, except a long roll of thin white paper with printed black lines on it were installed in the space that forms a rectangle. It is very absurd.

“stream”, by Siyang Li, 2017

Before came to SAIC, Li was the senior designer working for a design company “2X4” that serves for big clients such as Prada and Nike. Li also worked for the Millennium Monument Exhibition Center of China as the exhibition director. Li is good at using the language of minimalism to address absurd concepts of dadaism.

The work “Stream” exhibited in this show is a good example of his aethetic. It talks about eternity, rationality, indiffernce, and restraint.

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