Visited The Bahá’í House of Worship last week

IMG_6114.JPGI’ve heard about this place for a while, but I’ve never actually paid a visit to here.

Last week I drove to the House of Worship with my friends. We were really surprised that this special place exists here in Chicago within 45min-long driving distance. There are only 7 Houses of worship in the world. Each one occupies a continent, and the one I visited is the North American location. Really amazing architecture.

Although I am a member of this belief, I do appreciated its ideology and kindness. The custodian here is a really nice old lady. She told me that they don’t place their architectures in positions like ‘temple’, ‘mosque’ or ‘church’. The Bahai believers want to show their diversity as well as unity, so their locations go by ‘House of Worship’. Whoever has god in their mind could worship here at the house. Even for those who don’t have a belief, they could still stay here for meditation.

Here’s the link of the Bahai House of Worship in case you want to know more about this belief:

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