Amor Fati – Only Until December 22

From Chicago Artists Coalition:

Amor Fati

 The Chicago Artists Coalition is pleased to present Amor Fati, a HATCH Projects exhibition featuring Anansi kNOwBody, Angela Davis Fegan, Bryan C. McVey, Cassandra Stadnicki, John Steck Jr., and Woomin Kim.

Amor Fati is an exhibition celebrating the audacity of the creative process. The Latin phrase translates to “love of one’s fate,” and evokes an embrace of the highs and lows and the ebbs and flows of life — a challenging yet necessary task for the artist. In his book Ecce Homo, author Friedrich Nietzsche refers to the idea, by stating that his formula for human greatness is amor fati or the notion that one desires nothing to be different, for existence to be a constant moving forward for all eternity.

Throughout the creative process there are many instances that control doubt and fear; and, for an artist to find success, they might proceed with the hope that their choices will lead them to a resolution. While the result might not be ideal, it is essential for the artist to keep creating work in order to maintain their identity. Considering the amount of time and effort artists devote to their practice, they essentially embody the spirit of amor fati.

The six exhibiting artists have drastically different origins, yet they are united by their choice to present their narratives in a material form. All artwork presented takes on different notions of progression — be it geographical orientations, socio-political identification, or emotional vocabularies — that the artists use in their respective media to comprehend the surrounding world. Moving beyond the sacredness of the objects, these artists have invested themselves in the practice of discovery, which unleashes a myriad of outcomes, from fruitful to unfavorable.

Amor Fati is curated by Brett Swinney.

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