Richard Gray Gallery


Richard Gray Gallery was founded in 1964 in Chicago, located in 875 North Michigan Avenue on 38th floor. Richard Gray had good relationships with some famous artist, for example Picasso, and he ran the gallery with great taste in art that the gallery is still able to maintain its high reputation. Paul Gray, the son of Richard Gray, now owns and is in charge of the gallery. Richard Gray gallery is remained collector oriented, rather than focusing on artist representation and promotion. Richard Gray Gallery’s mission is to offer art works high quality art to collectors. Also, the gallery tries not to rely on sale business too much. Richard Gray wanted his gallery to be between a gallery and a museum, where tends to be more academic.

The gallery currently contains well-known artists such as Theaster Gates and Jim Dine. Richard Gray, who teaches students at University of Chicago appreciates works like Jim Dine’s. The piece by Jim Dine that Richard Gray Gallery contains is his latest work. The botanical painting is absolutely different than his earlier works in many aspects. The style and approach to the process in making art had been elevated. Also, Richard Gray Gallery supports many Chicago based artists as well. Theaster Gates’s sculptures are appreciated, and although the exhibition has ended, his works are still kept. Richard Gray Gallery prefers to stay away from advertising too much. The gallery certainly has high value, discretion, and integrity for demanding clients.


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