Rhona Hoffman Gallery

Established in 1976, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, originally known as Young Hoffman Gallery is celebrating its 40th anniversary. The gallery owner, Rhona Hoffman has been the precursor of international contemporary art since the 70s presenting a huge variety of mediums in artists such as Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger and Sol Lewitt. The gallery located in the West Loop in Chicago, is divided in three different open spaces. The first floor has a view to the street and the other two are in a higher level with a separation given by a drywall that permits the continuity of a show or three independent spaces depending on the curator’s choice. In this moment the gallery is presenting the second exhibition that commemorates the 40th anniversary. The show titled Gender,Race, Identity presents artists represented by the gallery that deal with these topics and with the idea of the different roles in society. One example is the artist Mike Glier that makes paintings in which men are doing domestic chores. Another example are the different photos of James Drake of travesties in Mexico city.

Rhona Hoffman Gallery participates in three Art fairs each year. They go to Art Basel Miami, Armoury Show in New York City and Expo Chicago. This means that is a well-positioned gallery that already has a big projection and influence in the contemporary art world.



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