Johana Moscoso’s last Performance

“Round and Round” was the last a performance made by the Chicago based Colombian artist Johana Moscoso on Friday November 4th in the gallery space of Chicago Artist Coalition.

The performance took place at the end of the gallery in one a rectangular room. There were 5 women dressed up all in black sewing the same long piece of red velvet fabric in 5 different industrial sewing machines that where situated in specific places of the room. Each sewing machine had its own mark on the floor with some latitudes and longitudes referring to a specific place. As the fabric was sewn in the five sewing machines, the artist Johana Moscoso (also dressed up in black) entered the room and started hanging the fabric in the wall. The sound of the five industrial machines sewing this vibrant red velvet fabric and the wall began to wear red. There was a transformation of space, because as the fabric was running out, the space that started black and white became increasingly red as it expanded through the walls. With the help of a black ladder and two attendants (also dressed in black) the artist hung the entire fabric and the sound of the sewing machines was over.

Moscoso’s performance is about Latin migrations. This one presents time, labor and nostalgia of the different journeys that Latin American families made. There where five Latin women sewing in industrial sewing machines, which question the gender roles in Hispanic cultures as well as the blood that passes from one place to another. Currently all of these women live from sewing quinciañeras dresses in Chicago, which also speaks in how Latin American culture is related to textiles and rituals.

For me the most powerful part was when the fabric was being hung in the wall and all the sewing machines where sounding in the back. It was like to see how they dressed a space in the middle of an ambiguous rhythm given by the motor of each machine. In the end the fabric was finished and the room turned red. The machines weren’t sounding anymore but the marks where still there. No matter how much one changes places, one will always carry and come with things of their own culture.


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