Evanston Escola Samba


An event of Samba was held at Armitage Chicago. The event was great and enjoyable that there was no pressure from such grandness that you usually find in classical orchestra. It was pretty much opened to the public that anyone could enjoy. Some Samba instruments were introduced, and a few of them looked like those ones from Stone Age.The atmosphere at the Samba concert was very playful. The music was pretty much close to what you would hear at festivals. Those smaller and bigger drums, and the instruments, which were new to myself created beautiful and very rhythmic music.

No one seemed to be bored during the concert. To be honest, I am not a type of person who enjoy music so much. I never put music around me while working like others do. Also, going to concerts was never my preference. However, Samba was pretty enjoyable, and it seemed it would be applied to anyone that young and old all enjoyed the music and atmosphere.

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