Kemang Wa Lehulere


Kemang Wa Lehulere’s In All My Wildest Dreams exhibition was held at Art Institute Chicago. What Wa Lehulere concentrates is the forgotten history of South Africa thorough nonpermanent medium, chalks. Wa Lehulere happily invites the ideas that history is easily disappeared, and loves the ‘elasticity’ of history which excites and motivates him.

What truly excites Wa Lehulere is the history that is both recorded and not recorded. To talk about the various approaches he makes, he uses diverse materials and mediums. As mentioned before, he uses chalks, and furthermore, performances and videos are his main sources as well. This takes a lot of intervention in diverse situation, whereas out side of exhibition areas, or where there are no audiences.

Wa Lehulere’s works are related to politics, however, it may not seem obviously related to that subject. His main concern seems to be how to discover and handle the history in a social political sense. The whole exhibition gave a feeling that every piece of his works are the evidence of how he explores to find ways to express his interest in changes in history over time. Everything changes, and our visions about the past depends on where we are, how much we have moved on, or the opposite.

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