Zee Peng Gallery

Zee Peng Gallery is a new gallery space opened by Zee Peng.  It has been open for less than a month and is still getting on its feet.  Zee has two main goals in opening this gallery space.  First, she wants to offer a place for artists that aren’t established in the art world to show their work.  She would also like to establish lasting connections with young artists for the future, by giving them opportunities and working with them.  Zee is interesting in showing a wide range of different work in many different mediums.  Her main concern in showing the work is that she feels interested in the work and the artist’s interests.  She is very concerned with the artist’s concept and their ability to convey their concept.

Zee Peng Gallery is an apartment gallery space that Zee lives in herself.  The gallery is currently showing work by Nick Girogini, me.  Since the gallery is an apartment gallery space it was a perfect opportunity to work with Zee on a show titled Living With Painting.  The show is focused on exploring new relationships between painting and the viewer/participant.  Living With Painting is a painting show that is interactive and uses domestic items that are painted on to explore a more intimate relationship between the viewer-participant and painting.

Zee Peng Gallery is a new space that will be showing contemporary work done by fresh, new artists.  Zee is invested in giving opportunities to new artists, which is fantastic for artists like myself.  She hopes to grow the gallery and work with more artists in the future, aiming toward opening a larger gallery space.  Being that it is an apartment, there are some limitations to what can be done in the space since she lives there and has neighbors.  However, the space has huge potential and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Zee Peng Gallery.

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