Andrew Rafacz Gallery Review

Established in 2008, Andre Rafacz Gallery changed its name from Bucket Rider Gallery to its current title. The gallery owner, Andrew Rafacz focuses on featuring emerging and mid-career artists working in various medias, including video, painting, photography, sculpture and more. Located at a popular neighbored in the West Loop, Chicago, Andrew Rafacz Gallery takes the upper left space on the second floor of the building and is adjacent to three other galleries — McCormick Gallery, Kavi Gupta Gallery, and Carrie Secrets Gallery. As convenient as it can be, viewers are able to enjoy four galleries of works with only one trip of effort. The four galleries attract audiences and differentiate them with various artists and styles.

Separate into two gallery spaces, Justin John Greene’s solo show Secret Slob is currently on view until December 22, 2016, in gallery one. This uprising artist studied art history at Lorenzo de’Medici, Florence and later received his Bachelor degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Different from his last solo exhibition Moonlighting, in which described the incessant hustle that one participates in as a striving in a precarious economy, Secret Slob is envisioned in J.D. Salinger’s The Cather in the Rye, and the term is used to describe someone who behaves as outwardly virtuous while hiding their sordid habits.

In gallery two, works by 8 artists share the 50-sqft space, including a mini-size bathtub in the color charcoal, a pornographic woodcut, three urinaries that are as big as a human-size palm, and a seat cover paper cut on blue canvas.


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