Expo chicago

Expo Chicago took place in Navy Pier. The place was quite spacious, which took about good four hours to look around. Of course, there were many young first-timers, but there were also some works of “masters”, such as Wayne Thiebaud. So, the ensemble was interactive with each other that nothing looked better than the others’.

The space was big. However, each booth was big enough to place the works, but they were not big enough to present artists’ own unique personalities. Of course the fair is designed for a commercial purpose that guests are expected to buy the works of art, or at least to be advertised. Some of the busy divided rooms were pretty packed with art works cramped in together, and it was obvious the artists’ intention that he or she wanted to put as many works as possible. Another problem of the place was that there were no directions anywhere. So, the viewers were busy trying to figure out the ways.

Mounting and representing own art works are an important part of being an artist. There were some drawings or photographs that had problems with mounting them. The papers inside of frames were wiggly, and it was confusing if it was the artists’ intentions. However, nothing looked intentional to me. Also, some paintings were hung on walls, tilted. Proper ways of presenting works should have been considered more.

The atmosphere as a whole gave the impression of being in Costco. The spacious place with many people and works were up everywhere. The walls looked more like displays of merchandise. It gave the thought of, “what if they made the lightings better?”

Artists were enthusiastic. They would answer any questions you have about them and their works. A professor from school had her paintings at the fair, and she was busy giving her business cards. Maybe it was not fully successful in the aspect of commercial. However, communication of the artists and viewers, and between different artists seemed pretty successful.

Lastly, the event was enough to inspire young artists. It as a whole presented the definition on contemporary art. The trend changes fast, especially in artists’ world. It clearly showed what the current art world wants from its artists. Some were very innovative, experimental. On the contrast, there were some art works from who is already famous, and the works done a while ago, such as Wayne Thiebaud’s cakes, and it was very interesting to see how the current world is inspired by those works from the past, and how the two interact with each other as living the current world together.


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