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Review: Cosmosis


Hyde Park, Chicago- May 7, 2015

A group show titled Cosmosis is on view at the Hyde Park Art Center from now through August 23, 2015. Curated by Steven L. Bridges, the exhibited works engage in the nexus of art and science, inspired by physics and cosmology as means of artistic production.

There are thirteen artists or artist collectives included in the show, including Sarah and Joseph Belknap, Erin Washington, and Daniel Baird. While the spectrum of mediums exhibited in the gallery is vast and meaningfully respond to questions of our universe, the show is cramped and poorly curated.

New Catalogue’s publication is tacked onto the hallway walls, resembling the sensibility of cheap wallpaper. Upon entering the gallery, stacks of their publication lie on the floor in a separate space from their installation counterpart, confusing the viewer into thinking that they are exhibition catalogues.

Perhaps most haphazard is the placement of Daniel Baird’s Quest, a cardboard replica of the International Space Station. Where Baird’s work has been way more successful in other Chicago venues with its motivation of scale and trompe l’oeil, Bridges has treated the sculpture as exhibition cargo. Behind it and practically invisible, Baird’s Pioneer 10 and 11, two gold plated aluminum plaques of childlike figures are barely installed off the gallery floor.

Jeremy Bolen’s video piece practically does not exist in the corner of the gallery as space is not dark enough. Even the glitter on Jefferson Pinder’s Stellar Plane falls flat as the internal title wall lurks too closely.

The only element that is given breath and space is the curator’s name on the title wall.