“Experimental Forms” –On Liz Larner at the Art Institute of Chicago

Liz Larner, Art Institute of Chicago

Liz Larner, Art Institute of Chicago

Experimenting with reinterpretations of standard geometric shapes, Los Angeles based artist Liz Larner, has added a modern touch on Chicago’s skyline –two three-dimensional, toy-like objects located on the Bluhm Family Terrace on the third level of the museum’s Modern Wing.

Larner’s works, the shimmering stainless steel, X (2013,) and the delicate colorful steel version of a cube, 6 (2010-11,) play with experimental materials, forms and the physicality of objects in space, in a playful installation that is open to interpretation. Creating connections between the artist, the viewer and the environment surrounding us, she strategically positions the two sculptures creating a site-specific context –an invitation to the public to experience and interact with the work itself. Laying on an expansive wooden platform, the sculptures are exposed to the elements and to the viewers, who are invited to step onto the platform for a closer look of their inside and the outside —in the case of X, viewers may enter the physical space of the form itself.

Viewed against the backdrop of Millennium Park –an important addition to the city’s art collection– and Chicago’s skyline, Larner’s work is challenging the viewer to create new experiences of spaces familiar. Between fragility and concrete forms, minimalism and futuristic, sci-fi references, color and the absence thereof, each work remains open to interpretation. Prompting real-time encounter it triggers both the intellectual and the emotional capacities of the viewer. And if not, finding themselves on the platform it’s as good a time as any to simply take a picture.

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