X & 6-A Review on Liz Larner’s work

The two work of Liz Larner displayed on the Bluhm Terraces are fun and energetic temporary additions to the already breath taking urban landscape that can be viewed on top of the Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Posing themselves as effortless and toy like objects, Larner’s sculptures reference the shapes and the materials of the architectural elements of their surroundings. While the box like shapes of 6 mimics the skyscrapers, the shininess of the stainless steel and its organic quality of X echoes the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in the Millennium Park. As if they are a more abstract and experimental version of the bigger structures in their background.
The elevation of the sculptures that is created by the wood platform that is commissioned by the artist is also a necessary and complete touch to the display of the two pieces. When viewing the pieces outside of the platform, the pieces obtain an almost virtual object like quality as some digital sculptures you are able to find within the online gallery nowadays, such as the ones that is found on the realfake.org under the Impossible Object. As the viewers step onto the wood flooring, they then become more aware of their own bodies in relationship to the two not too much bigger size objects. The fun contours and colors of the pieces also invoke almost a dancing quality in relationship to the viewers’ bodies. And when the viewers are able to see one sculpture through the other, it creates an interesting dialogue of form especially compared with the grogous view behind. Larner’s pieces are successfully shown on the Bluhm Terraces because not only it makes the viewers aware of themselves, but it also asks them to have more in-depth consideration put into the environment they found themselves in.

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