Imaginary Landscapes at Mana Contemporary

Lisa Alvarado. “Traditional Object 6”

Lisa Alvarado. “Traditional Object 6.” Image courtesy Newcity.

Returning to a space of your past is the best way to wipe away the rose-colored nostalgia tint from your glasses. Through Imaginary Landscapes, Mana Contemporary presents an exploration of the relationship between space, time, and memory. Four Midwest-based artists delve into the uncertain space at the nexus of the three, and the result is a collection of sculptures and images gathered by Chicago-based curator Allison Glenn. The show features work by Lisa Alvarado, Assaf Evron, Robert Burnier, and Caroline Kent.

© 2015 South Side Weekly

See Imaginary Landscapes at Mana Contemporary
2233 South Throop St., 4th floor, through May 31.

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