2015 MAAH/MAAHAP Graduate These Symposium


Please join us in celebration of SAIC’s 2015 Master of Arts in Modern and Contemporary Art History, Theory, and Criticism and Dual Degree Master of Arts Thesis Symposium!


MacLean Ballroom
Wednesday, April 29


11:00-11:15: Margaret Carrigan, Liminal Life: The Biopolitics of Manifest Destiny

11:15-11:30: Julie Warchol, “Modeling with Light”: Clarence Kennedy’s Photographic Sculpture, 1924-1940

11:30-11:45: Matthew Coleman, Remotely Nearby: Representations of the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

11:45-12:00: questions

BREAK (12-12:15)


12:15-12:30: Lillian Elliott, Great Scott! Picturing the Past through Waverley; Or, ‘Tis Sixty Years Since

12:30-12:45: Lindsey Jancay, A Pictoral History of Gregg Shorthand: Considering the Image in Winifred Kenna Richmond’s The American Readings in Gregg Shorthand

12:45-1:00 Cassandra Carpenter, Designed Identity: The Critical Role of Dr. Hermann Püterschein

1:00-1:15: questions

LUNCH (1:15-2:45)


2:45-3:00 Denise Bennett, Rescuing the Senses: Haus-Rucker-Co.’s Environmental Transformers and Pneumatic Interventions, 1968–1972

3:00-3:15: Alison Reilly, The Following Is a True Story: Systems of Power in Kujtim Çashku’s Kolonel Bunker

3:15-3:30: Chisako Izuhara, Art in the Face of Nuclear Disaster: ChimPom and Kota Takeuchi

3:30-3:45: questions

BREAK (3:45-4:00)


Wither the “Educational Turn?” An Apology for Didactic Art
Sven Spieker, University of California, Santa Barbara

MacLean Ballroom
Thursday, April 30


11:00-11:15: Kara Jefts, Dance of Death: Mavo Artists and the Posture of Play in Modern Tokyo

11:15-11:30: Elisabeth Smith, The Dynaton’s “New Vision”: Possibilities for Abstraction from the Bay Area, 1948-1951

11:30-11:45: Tie Jojima, Opening the 80s: The Porn Art Movement

11:45-12:00: questions

BREAK (12-12:15)


12:15-12:30: Lauren Fulton, Tactility of Sound: Experience and Synesthesia in the Work of Alison Knowles

12:30-12:45: Brian Leahy, Art Without Work: Tehching Hsieh’s No Art Piece and the Value of Laziness

12:45-1:00: Kyle Riley, Distribution as Discourse: Experimental Publishing in the Expanded Field

1:00-1:15: questions

LUNCH (1:15-2:45)


2:45-3:00 Jayne Mack, Holy Weaponized Perfume Batman!: Gendered Visual Vocabulary in Revisions of Batwoman

3:00-3:15: Olivia McManus, Locating Empowerment in Feminism and Pornography: Tristan Taormino’s Chemistry Vol. 1 and Petra Joy’s Female Fantasies

3:15-3:30: Annette LePique, How To Be Tumblr Famous or The Glitch, The Girl and Tumblr: Feminine Identity Construction Within the Digital Sphere

3:30-3:45 questions

BREAK (3:45-4:00)


4:00-4:15: Aisha Muhammad, “In The Red”: An Examination of Jelili Atiku’s Performance Series

4:15-4:30: Elizabeth Metcalfe, Lost Product: Image and Withdrawal in the Films of Mathias Poledna

4:30-4:45: Yinzi Yi, The Construction of Virtual Identities in Cao Fei’s I. Mirror and RMB City—The Representation of a Regional Self in a Global Context

4:45-5:00: questions

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