A video posted by lydslovesyou (@lydslovesyou) on Apr 17, 2015 at 6:23pm PDT

Sadie Woods, SAIC MFA in Sound, performs her robotic music boxes this past friday at Waveforms, located at Sector 2337 in Logan Square.


Sound is at once resolutely material — fixed in the world of things — and immaterial — less a thing than a swerve. This interdisciplinary group exhibition will investigate this flutter and the staging of sound in a visual arts context. Featuring Samantha Fickel, Rebecca Himelstein, Zach Lovitch, April Martin, Anna Orlikowska, Allyson Packer, Willy Smart, Erika Raberg, Felipe Fideles Steinberg, Alix Anne Shaw, Sadie Woods, Alex Drosen, Neal Markowski and Essays. Waveforms is a semesterly event programmed by the Sound Department of SAIC.

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