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Geiger > Welsh at Document

Installation view of Marcus Geiger sculpture and column covering

Installation view of Marcus Geiger sculpture and column covering

Emphasizing value in materiality Marcus Geiger (Vienna) meets Margaret Welsh (Chicago,) in a joined exhibition, co-curated by Michael Hall and Aron Gent, where low quality materials create high quality art.

After years of artistic hiatus, Welsh, has six object-paintings hanging at Document gallery –a single-room space dominated by a monumental cardboard sculpture. The arrangement of this monolithic structure –large cardboard pieces temporarily fixed together– reveals Geiger’s approach to both material and subject matter. With a history of questioning the inner workings of the art world, he is using the simplest of materials and the space as an extension of his canvas, as he is reconstructing the boundaries between value and worthlessness and blurring the lines between art, physical architecture and design. Ready-mades created by found objects that are deconstructed then put back together, surround the gallery walls. Welsh works with common paper bags that are torn apart creating some kind of a footprint. Then, connecting two at a time, she composes a final form that she later covers with latex paint sourced from home improvement stores.

Reprocessing materials that were meant for disposal, the two artists’ works peacefully coexist informing one another and creating a dialogue that moves beyond painting and sculpture, to link the symbolic and the literal, the personal and the universal –with Welsh’s works titled: “Lost Inside You,” and “Right Where I Want You”– at the same time prompting the viewer to approach art as an open-ended, processed-focused experience.

Installation view of Margaret Welsh’s Paintings

Installation view of Margaret Welsh’s Paintings

Jackie Saccoccio Echo at Corbett vs. Dempsey

Square Portrait (Flourish), 2015

Square Portrait (Flourish), 2015

If you visit mid-day, when visitors are few, the creaky floors of Corbett vs. Dempsey announce your arrival and provide a soundtrack for your movements amongst the artworks on view. Stop, let the floorboards quiet down, and listen closely to Jackie Saccoccio’s large, colorful abstract paintings in Echo, in the main gallery through April 25.

Blockhead, 2015

Portrait (Blockhead), 2015

Square Portrait (flourish), 2015, presents slick geometric substructures partially obscured by splashes and wet-looking puddles of color: an elegant yellow and black tsunami obliterating the orderly abstract pastel-town beneath it. Brushmarks are few and far between: markmaking consists primarily of puddles, scrapes, drips, and stains. The most interesting of these marks are the drips. The artist has manipulated the paint to call forth a chorus of drips all moving left, right, up and down in synchrony. Saccoccio seems to have been accomplished this by moving the canvas while the paint was still wet, using gravity to direct the drips’ flow into right angles and zigzags reminiscent of palm tree fronds (Portrait (Blockhead), 2015).

Square Portrait 2, 2015

Square Portrait 2, 2015

Before you leave, pause in front of Square Portrait 2 (2015). Listen closely: perhaps you will hear a sound, as I did. Maybe I imagined it (or more likely the sound floated up from the city outside), but for a moment I believed it was coming from the painting: a cool, high note. Imagine my surprise the next day as I paged through the catalog interview and read Saccoccio’s description of how a painting is begun: “The onset of a painting is reliably sweet. It’s like listening to one note — it could become a symphony or it could be a jingle. Maybe that’s thoughtful cognitive pre-painting.” I didn’t hear any symphonies or jingles, but the one note, along with these splashy visual wonderlands, were music enough for me.

Chicagoland Shorts: Volume Premiere

1517 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60614

Saturday, April 25 – 3 pm – Opening Reception
Saturday, April 25 – 4:30 pm – Screening + Q&A
Sunday, April 26 – 7 pm – Screening + Q&A
Monday, April 27 – 7 pm – Screening + Q&A

CHICAGOLAND SHORTS is a new short film series from Full Spectrum Features that highlights the incredible diversity of The Windy City and its surrounding communities. The series celebrates the vastness of the Chicagoland experience, and provides an outlet for those cinematic voices that sometimes go unheard.

Chicagoland Shorts: Volume 1 was co-curated by Eugene Sun Park & Kayla Ginsburg of Full Spectrum Features and Beckie Stocchetti of Kartemquin Films. This collection includes films by:

Robert Carnilius
Lydia Fu
Fred Frederiksen
Amir George
Dylan Jones
Ryan Logan
Fawzia Mirza
Valia O’Donnell
Michael Paulucci
Eugene Sun Park
Amanda Taves

Tickets available for sale at the door, or through Full Spectrum Features website starting April 6.

Find out more about the collection at http://fullspectrumfeatures.com/chicagoshorts/

The Uncanny Valley: UIC MFA Thesis Exhibition 2


Exhibition run: April 7-April 11, 2015

The School of Art & Art History welcomes you to attend the receptions for the 2015 UIC MFA Thesis Exhibitions, hosted by Gallery 400. The MFA Shows offer a rare opportunity to view works by up-and-coming artists completing their degrees in Studio Arts, Photography, Moving Image, and New Media Arts this spring. All programs are free and open to the public.


Artist Gallery Talks
Friday, April 10

Friday, April 10

See more at: http://gallery400.uic.edu/exhibitions/the-uncanny-valley