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PHYSICAL INFORMATION- Closing event March 28th! @7PM

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A curatorial event hosted at DfbrL8r by: KENDALL MARTIN BABL
Closing event performance by AUDRA WOLOWIEC

“In order for us to apprehend it, information must participate in a form. In the forming of matter into an art-thing, and in the performing of matter within a duration, we create the possibility for information to be sensed. Physical Information brings together artists who prioritize the inquiry into ways that the physical state of a work can be reciprocal with its information”

1463 West Chicago Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60642

A Gathering- Closing soon at Comfort Station

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Last chance to catch SAIC MFA Painting & Drawing work by Kittisak Chontong at Comfort Station!

Exhibition Dates: March 7th – March 29th
Curated by Olivia Junell

A Gathering brings four 2014 ACRE residents together in the month of March to display new works created in the aftermath of their ACRE residency: Kittisak Chontong, Jason Friedes, Jaclyn Jacunski, and Celeste Neuhaus. These artists, none of whom were in residence at the same time, represent the wide scope of ACRE residents, each exploring vastly different topics through diverse material and performative practices.

Whenever works are juxtaposed in a space, connections and threads begin to loosely form and un-form. Artist Lorraine Leeson once put forth that a definition of art might be the “gathering of ideas, people, or things together and holding them together for awhile.” This act of gathering can be found within many of the works presented in this exhibition. However, rather than establishing “gathering” as the applied theme though, it serves more as an invitation: as a visitor, you are invited to gather with these artists and art works, taking them each in individually and weaving your own series of connections or disconnections.