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Charline von Heyl Interventionist Demonstration (Why-A-Duck?)

Charline von Heyl Interventionist Demonstration (Why-A-Duck?)

Opening Friday, May 2nd, from 5:00-8:00pm at Corbett vs. Dempsey


Opening @ Comfort Station

Opening @ Comfort Station

Wait for Now by Jessica Taylor Caponigro &
Mmmmm by Justin Petertil
April 29-June 1
Opening reception: May 3, 5-8p
Curated by: Robyn Paprocki

Chicago, IL – Comfort Station is pleased to present two juxtaposed solo shows, featuring Wait for Now by Jessica Taylor Caponigro & Mmmmm by Justin Petertil.

Jessica Taylor Caponigro has resolved to create art that is accessible to a variety of audiences, rich with pattern, repetition, and reproduction. Inside the Comfort Station, Taylor Caponigro’s works react to the building’s original purpose as a place where travellers were stranded, waiting for the next trolley to arrive and carry them to their destinations. Rooted in a feeling of being trapped or restrained, her works offer reprieve for visitors, who will be met with a soothing, comfortable homage to the Comfort Station’s history and purpose.

Outside, Justin Petertil will install a soundscape consisting of tree-hung plastic fruit, each concealing a low volume audio device. Utilizing photocells to make the pitch and dynamics variable with light, the result will manifest in a subtly shifting soundscape and uncanny visual, audio experience. It will be an incongruent treat for passersby and a full synesthetic meal for those that choose to linger.

These installations encapsulate the simultaneously familiar and foreign, resulting in a wholly unsettling experience. For further information about this show, please contact Comfort Station curator Robyn Paprocki.