Making Space curated by Susanne Doremus

Up now in river north, and worth seeing…

From the webs….

DeKooning once said “The subject matter in the abstract is space.” For the artist included in Making Space, the subjective exploration of spatial possibilities becomes a search for both idea and meaning.

featuring work by:

Candida Alvarez,
Susanne Coffey,
Cora Cohen,
Dana DeGiulio,
Katherine Desjardins,
Susanne Doremus,
Judith Geichman,
Michelle Grabner,
Magalie Guerin,
Anne Harris,
Jason Karolak,
Jim Lutes,
Deirdre O’Dwyer,
Nick Ostoff,
Sabina Ott,
Greg Smith,
Tyson Reeder,
Noah Rorem,
Erin Washington,
Mary Lou Zelazny,
Molly Zuckerman-Hartung

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