Daily Archives: April 1, 2014


Pierre Huyghe public talk about his work in Documenta 13

Its not a show, and also a little bit old (published a year ago), but I discover it lately and thought you might find it interesting and inspiring as I did…

F L A T Space Chicago has a new website!


We’ve ditched our wordpress presence and upgraded!


On this new platform we showcase all past, present, and upcoming exhibitions. In addition, all of our artists shown in the space have profiles under the “Artists” page. Conversations on the shows, with each artist regarding their work, and with people engaged in the Chicago arts community are recorded under the “Conversations” page. Lastly, we have begin a blog-style critical engagement with both each show individually and issues/events occurring in the art world.

Our next show is set for May 2nd. Details on artists to be released shortly.