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Charline von Heyl Interventionist Demonstration (Why-A-Duck?)

Charline von Heyl Interventionist Demonstration (Why-A-Duck?)

Opening Friday, May 2nd, from 5:00-8:00pm at Corbett vs. Dempsey


Opening @ Comfort Station

Opening @ Comfort Station

Wait for Now by Jessica Taylor Caponigro &
Mmmmm by Justin Petertil
April 29-June 1
Opening reception: May 3, 5-8p
Curated by: Robyn Paprocki

Chicago, IL – Comfort Station is pleased to present two juxtaposed solo shows, featuring Wait for Now by Jessica Taylor Caponigro & Mmmmm by Justin Petertil.

Jessica Taylor Caponigro has resolved to create art that is accessible to a variety of audiences, rich with pattern, repetition, and reproduction. Inside the Comfort Station, Taylor Caponigro’s works react to the building’s original purpose as a place where travellers were stranded, waiting for the next trolley to arrive and carry them to their destinations. Rooted in a feeling of being trapped or restrained, her works offer reprieve for visitors, who will be met with a soothing, comfortable homage to the Comfort Station’s history and purpose.

Outside, Justin Petertil will install a soundscape consisting of tree-hung plastic fruit, each concealing a low volume audio device. Utilizing photocells to make the pitch and dynamics variable with light, the result will manifest in a subtly shifting soundscape and uncanny visual, audio experience. It will be an incongruent treat for passersby and a full synesthetic meal for those that choose to linger.

These installations encapsulate the simultaneously familiar and foreign, resulting in a wholly unsettling experience. For further information about this show, please contact Comfort Station curator Robyn Paprocki.


Sometimes weather affects art

Sometimes weather affects art

The sign refers to Hot Rod by Orly Genger, which is indeed on view by lakefront at Monroe, though the sign remains.


Patrick McGuan and Soo Shin at Peregrine Program

Patrick McGuan and Soo Shin at Peregrine Program

A really lovely jacquard piece by Patrick McGuan as part of his current exhibition with Soo Shin at Peregrine Program.


Heavy Duty installation at the Art Institute of Chicago

Heavy Duty installation at the Art Institute of Chicago

Most likely preparing for the Nairy Baghramian exhibition on the Bluhm Family Terrace opening May 14.


Christina Mackie at the Renaissance Society

Christina Mackie at the Renaissance Society

Her exhibition Color Drop opened yesterday and is on view until June 29.


Sasha Frere-Jones at Corbett vs Dempsey

Sasha Frere-Jones at Corbett vs Dempsey

Sasha Frere-Jones, music critic for The New Yorker, spoke with John Corbett for the closing of Corbett vs Dempsey’s exhibition of paintings by Philip Hanson’s paintings, April 19, 2014. An infamous story form their college days about a cornish game hen bone was told.


Packing up Joseph Grigley’s work for the Whitney Biennial

Packing up Joseph Grigley's work for the Whitney Biennial

Photos from last month in preparation for the Whitney Biennial where Grigley’s sculptural installation of the Gregory Battcock Archive is on view.


Christine Mackie: Colour Drop opens this Sunday at The Renaissance Society! Opening Reception at 4pm. From the Tate Modern: “Christina Mackie’s sculptural installations weave an intricate web of associations between their diverse physical components, which comprise natural, man-made and crafted elements.  … Continue reading

you need this




if you are a bibliophile like me then you need this.

click the image for a free 51 pg preview of the text and plates.

i just got it in the mail a few weeks ago. finally flipped my way through the whole thing.  the faux snake skin is so dope, it even has texture like scales…cray cray.  this exhibition is going to change shit.