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John Yau, Graham Foundation on APRIL 3



If you haven’t had a chance to see the Judy Ledgerwood installation at the Graham Foundation, now’s the time. Ledgerwood will be in conversation with poet and critic, John Yau at 6pm on April 3.

From GF website:
Writing about Judy Ledgerwood’s paintings in 2011, Yau states:

When I was looking at the painting “Spiritualized” (2011), which is brown- violet, magenta, and gold, I was initially reminded of a lavish, oversized box of Godiva chocolates and of church vestments, before other associations began to surface,mostly having to do with the erotic. Such links are as abundant as these paintings areoptically and viscerally sumptuous. A carefully considered synthesis of opulence and structure, excess and restraint, is at the heart of Ledgerwood’s work as well as astarting point for speculation.

On April 5, Yau will continue his speculation into Ledgerwood’s work, asking how Ledgerwood’s recent installation for the Graham Foundation asks new questions of the limitations and possibilities of painting as it intersects with and aspires to the conditions of architecture.


Vernal Heights – Equinox Show

Hilary Baldwin

6:45am on Thursday, March 20th, Great Space, UIC

Performances by David Bodhi Boylan, Jesse Malmed,  and drummer John Niekrasz, and a painting by Hilary Baldwin to celebrate the coming of spring.

More openings should happen at dawn.