Beneath the Paving Stones, the Beach


Colleen Keihm, One of six sides, 2013

The first of five UIC MFA thesis exhibition opens this week!
Runs March 11- March 15 at Gallery 400

Beneath the Paving Stones, the Beach
Artists: Matt Brett, Houston Cofield, Colleen Keihm, and Melissa Myser

Before us a thick current runs. Opaque, swirling, and rushing ahead. Carrying the sediments of history, the land it flows through and the myth it inhabits. Thin spots in the surface reveal something profoundly significant, huge and alive; wakened for a moment.

Matt Brett uses the persistence of matter and energy as the moral and conceptual foundation of his work. He considers how the immutability of matter is entangled with human affairs, and looks to these entanglements for inspiration.

Houston Cofield’s current work, Common Ground, combines photographs, objects, and film to create a fictional narrative about a specific region in North Mississippi. Family, myth, and history play important roles in the way Cofield’s work narrates the land and people he encounters. He seeks to uncover the way history, both literally and fictionally, resonates in this region.

Colleen Keihm attempts to connect to places and people so that there may be a greater understanding of time, care, and the structure that happens in between. Her desire to connect occurs through representations of documenting the precise application of nail polish and reconstituting an object as a relic. Performance, photography, and video allow her to enter spaces ritualistically and engage with people so that they may generate situations together and experiment with elicited empathy.

Carried through by the rhythms of places and people who inhabit them, Melissa Myser is constantly wandering with an open ear. Myser’s deep familial roots in the American West inform the stories, characters, and myths of her film and video works.

more info on artist talks, screenings and additional programming here

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