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What’s the T? With Dana B.

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The latest issue of Dana Bassett’s Bad At Sports gossip column is out today! Check it out to see what’s trending in Chicago, what you missed at the SCA’s gala this weekend, why Chicago is so quiet these days , and what Andrew Rafacz has been up to (and wearing).


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Matthew Kayhoe Brett: Earth Angle at Dos Perros Projects

Opening Reception:  Sunday March 2, 2014

photo 4

Elastic Servant (two parts). (formed accumulation of calcium sulfate, specific removal of calcium sulfate)

photo (3)

Marty’s Crisis (cyanotype fixed on gypsum board)


Heidi Norton at Monique Meloche

Heidi Norton at Monique Meloche

Heidi Norton new show to Threptikon, in Monique Meloche Gallery through March 29th.