Daily Archives: February 24, 2014

Abraham.In.Motion at MCA Stage

Some of my dreams came true on Friday evening at the MCA Stage of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.  I had the privilege of watching Kyle Abraham and his six person ensemble, Abraham.In.Motion meld modern with hip hop dance matched to a mix of all my favorite jams.  Old school and soul favorites like Mary J. Blige’s “Leave a Message,” Johnnie Taylor’s “Cheaper to Keep Her,” and Ann Peebles “I Can’t Stand the Rain” blended into hits from the so-called “urban top 40” category—Beyoncé, Tweet, and Kanye West.

The Radio Show is an ode to the importance of radio to cultural taste and communication—particularly in Black communities in the U.S.  Abraham raises important questions about music and audio as methods of communication, and the airwaves as a platform for discussion and debate.  What happens when media becomes increasingly homogenous and those local stations disappear, as they have been over the last few years?  The Radio Show’s narrative weaves notable tracks with clips from Abraham’s favorite radio station growing up, Pittsburgh’s now defunct Hot 106.7 FM.  The choreography is appropriately sentimental and celebratory.

While the show’s run at the MCA is through, turn that dial from radio-land to the internet to learn more about Abraham.In.Motion: http://www.abrahaminmotion.org.

Violet Fogs Azure Snot at Corbett Vs. Dempsey


Currently up at Corbett Vs. Dempsey is Violet Fogs Azure Snot, a show of new paintings by Molly Zuckerman-Hartung. Still working through formal concerns in the language of abstract painting, she has deployed a new softer palette and less violent gestures. It seems like she has taken a more conservative approach to these new works. I was not taken by the show. With a name like Molly, you would think the work would operate like ecstasy  but leaves me at a minor high. Lets see how she is on her way to the upcoming Whitney Biennial.