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F L A T Gallery

Introducing F L A T Gallery! Chicago’s newest apartment gallery 
2023 S. Ruble St. Chicago, IL

F L A T provides an inclusive platform for Chicago-based emerging artists, which encourages practice-based risk taking.

Building on the existing Chicago apartment gallery model, it aims to stretch and subvert the current theoretical boundaries that exist within the present gallery structure of commercial and nonprofit spaces.

By inverting the physical parameters of the ‘White Cube’ space, the gallery attempts to eliminate the divide between student artists, emerging artists and the academic community.

Artists are provided with a physical and conceptual space that steps away from the current established model used to develop, display and distribute contemporary artistic practice.

Join us Friday February 28th 7:00-10:00pm for our inaugural show:
Visual Ends: The Edge of Perception


More Details:


Austen Brown: www.austenbrown.net
Lauren Pirritano: www.aleatoriclove.com
George William Price: www.georgewilliamprice.com
Nicole Prutsch: www.nicoleprutsch.com
Tobias Zehntner: www.tobiaszehntner.com

Nicole Prutsch & George William Price collaborative action: 8.30pm

Exhibition Dates: 29th February – 30th March
Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday 1.00-4.00pm
By Appointment, contact: flatspacechicago@gmail.com