Codification – Alex Chitty and Zach Reini at LVL3





A great Chicago non-commercial gallery show to kick off the new year, Alex Chitty (SAIC Alum and faculty) and Zach Reini (Denver Based) have an exciting installment of sculpture, print media, and mixed media based work. The gallery is filled with small wall and floor works accompanied by a few larger sculpture and display case/metal frame arrangements. The reductive gestures of each artists work creates a flow throughout the space that is spot on. Both artist work seem to be influenced by a systematic understanding of information (scientific and biological) from a pictorial standpoint. This is exciting, it links to a kind of pop-media distribution of visual information which often links our culture to more esoteric bodies of knowledge. That, spliced with the ubiquitous language of contemporary painting, creates an animated series of ‘images’ of both the familiar and unknown.

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