Liz Ensz and Jeremiah Jones at Mission Gallery





This past weekend I checked out recent MFA grads Liz Ensz and Jeremiah Jones small exhibition setup in the basement space of Mission Gallery. Liz (fibers & material studies) had 2 graphic based wall works and one large sculptural installation and Jeremiah (FVNM) had 2 video projections displayed on opposing walls of the  gallery space.  Ensz’s Straitigraph, one of the strongest pieces in the show, is a long pixelated set of overlapping images screened onto a piece of reflective mylar. While the dark basement might not be the best space for viewing the reverent qualities of this print, its reflectivity, large scale, and juxtaposing gradations of mountains-scapes, rocklike formations, and wheat fields still managed to impress my eye. The press release mentions both artist interest in the sublime and the mythology of American history. One can sense from their choice of imagery that both artist have great interest in the history of the American West, particularly the idealism generated from Westward expansion. I feel both artist have manifested the seductive sensibilities that come from exploring unchartered landscapes convencingly into to moving image, print media, and sculpture.


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