Oliver Sann, Exhibition / Studio visit

Oliver Sann, Exhibition / Studio visit 

Oliver Sann,
Open Studio Visit in MANA Contemporary
Dec, 10

Iceberg Project
Beate Geissler + Oliver Sann
September 14 – October 19, 2013




As an photo artist from Germany. Oliver’s images are recognizable with a strong german contemporary taste. Most of his works are actually done with him and his wife Beate Geissler. I’m invited to his studio after critique week. He shows his recent work and previous work and books. His major concern in his art making are based on the exploration of consumerism, capitalism and neo-liberalism. He examine the relationship between consumer and objects. After he moved to Chicago, he take photos about Chicago Stuck Exchange, which not only in a high challenge of get permission and also the challenge of bringing digital elements into visual language. He shared his idea, and he also shared his disappointment. Though contemporary world is not only build by visible object but also with invisible signals and information exchange, as a contemporary photo artist, he still keeps his eager of create meaning, or we can say examine existing object and world is a non-escapable responsibility. I’m curious and expecting what’s their new work.



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