Ben Kinmont Lecture

“Being & Power; or strategies for an alternative practice” 
lecture by Ben Kinmont
Nov 13, 6:00 p.m. Lecture,
Price Auditorium, The Art Institute of Chicago




In the beginning I don’t understand what I might get from the lecture. His statement about social sculpture and his job as a book dealer are both vague. But this talk was actually very rich and amazing. Grow up in an artist family, he is familiar with the process of art making and producing, his surrounding is actually an art school. This experience made him think about what is art making in mid 90’s. This question brought him to book making, by book making he explore artist’s idea and making. His approach in food is also quite amazing, he related chef and writer/thinker, develop the relationship between interpretation and consumable object(food) is inspiring. His studio and book store is situated LA, should be a must go place when passing by.

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