But, what about the art?



I’ve been doing my best to attend all of Basel Miami art fairs from the comfort of my laptop all week. It’s been nothing short of disconcerting that over half the content that I’ve seen on websites such as hyperallergic, ArtForum and Arrested Motion seem to be paying more attention to the fuss of money than the art itself. Obviously, there are plenty of “highlight” reels that can be found in regards to a number of the fairs (Pulse, NANA, Basel (main), Scope, to name a few). In a week of events that is all based around the importance of art, it would seem the conversation of how damning Ferrari CEO, Mr. blah blah going to “X” party is to the discourse of contemporary art, seems like a perpetuation of the problem then trying to relegate the perceived issue. Maybe I want to be naive, maybe I just want to look at art; either way it’s left a lasting bad taste in my mouth. 

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