Daily Archives: December 6, 2013

Janine Antoni Lecture


Janine Antoni can certainly pull a crowd – even during SAIC’s critique week, the Columbus Auditorium was filled to capacity with an audience completely entranced by her gentle floating intonation and beautiful slides of her work.

I hadn’t heard of Antoni until this semester during my graduate seminar where she was mentioned in what seemed like every critique. Her work could certainly be relevant to anyone because it’s basically about the processes we go through in life, from separation and connection to sleeping, peeing, bathing and mopping.

She described her work simply and elegantly, with each piece’s story unfolding at a gentle pace with just the right amount of detail, reference and humour.

Janine Antoni Speaks at SAIC


Last night in the Columbus Auditorium at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Janine Antoni was present to discuss her work and answer a few questions.  The artist needed little introduction to a crowd, who is no doubt, highly familiar with some of her more canonical work.  Although it was a first, for myself at least, to hear her speak in person – which as it turns out, was pretty great.

The lecture essentially ran through her present slides on Luhring Augustine’s website, and was delivered in the delicate tonality that much of her work projects.  Aside from a few terrible questions from the audience, it was relatively  interesting all around.

The lecture was organized by the Graduate Painting and Drawing Dept at SAIC.