Daily Archives: November 23, 2013

Dianna Frid + Allison Wade: Turn of Phrase


It was quite a trek out to the Riverside Arts Center, but well worth the trip to hear Dianna Frid and Allison Wade talk.  I attended the closing reception which included a relaxed (bordering on intense) conversation between the artists fuelled by questions from the show’s guest curator Julie Rodrigues Widholm from the MCA.

I felt a little overwhelmed by the woman power in the room, with Joan Livingstone, Anne Wilson, Jessica Labatte, Judy Ledgerwood and Karen Reimer in attendance, and wouldn’t have switched seats with the panellists!

The tiny gallery spaces were completely packed so I wasn’t able to view much of the work in up close, but the polish of Allison’s carefully constructed and balanced pieces was refreshing and sat beautifully alongside Dianna’s woven text pieces and intriguing graphite wall installation.