Inigo Manglano-Ovalle Lecture


The re-constructed iceberg at the AIC was the only piece of Inigo Manglano-Ovalle’s I was familiar withbefore going to the lecture at SAIC earlier last week.  Unfortunately, although the artist gave an extensive (and arguably too extensive) explanation of works spanning much of his career, I left the lecture restless and annoyed.  The opening video was an interesting way to begin the lecture and it set the tone of the following two hours–calm, repetitive, rhythmic.  I appreciated the bold beginning but as the lecture wore on, I became more and more distracted.  To be fair, the distraction was, in part, thanks to a man beside me who had fallen asleep not 10 minutes into the lecture, completely oblivious that his phone was playing soft country music.  Regardless, the lecture ran way too long, forcing the artist to rush through the last 3rd of his slides, before approaching the Q and A with the same long-winded attitude.

Although I was not fortunateto have a studio visit with Inigo, I heard that he was quite generous with his time and offered some helpful insights to the work.  I only wish that I could have left his lecture with a similar feeling of appreciation.

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