Daily Archives: October 13, 2013

Meow Wolf at Thomas Robertello Gallery


I’m a frequent visitor to Thomas Robertello Gallery, but nothing could have prepared me for Meow Wolf’s all-encompassing multi-media installation which currently engulfs the entire space from the ceiling down.

Meow Wolf are a collective of 18 artists based in Santa Fe who have been collaborating since 2008. Nucleotide is described as an ‘immersive oceanic environment of a personified collective consciousness’ and took three solid weeks to create. Toothpicks, Q-Tips, false nails, mirrors, spray foam, christmas lights and oodles of hand-applied plaster are just some of the plethora of materials used.

It feels like a underwater Christmas grotto and simply has to be experienced first hand – such a breath of fresh air amongst the crisp white west loop galleries.

Nucleotide runs through December 14, 2013.
Thomas Robertello Gallery, 27 N Morgan Street, Chicago 60607