Saltz on the Death of the Gallery Show


This is the article I mentioned last time when we were talking about Air Guitar. I think they are not similar in talking about art. But the way how they look back has something similar. What he write in this article give me a clue to see how an art critic see the art world 20 years ago which I can’t imagine and no chance to experience, even now. And in the same time I’m curious about the transformation he mentioned which “Art doesn’t have to be shown in New York”. It take of his pride in a way, but for me it’s not only about art in different major cities, but about the challenging of hegemonic in the art world. Though it’s a cliche, I think this is also a crucial question for an international artist to rethink, what’s does “career” mean for being an artist and why we have to go to bigger cities, for conversation, for more opportunities? What we gave up? Do we have any responsibilities to our original culture? What does “location” mean to an artist. This is what I constatnly think about and come up again by this article.

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