Unfortunately this past week was busier for me than I thought it would be so I missed some openings I wanted to attend, specifically my classmate Andrew Holmquist’s at Carrie Secrist Gallery and visiting artist Wendy White’s at  Andrew Rafacz Gallery as well as planned talks by Bill O’Brien, Rosey Keyser, and Michelle Grabner at Art Expo. It wasn’t a good week(!) but luckily I attended Art Expo today and plan on going gallery hopping later this week if anyone wants to join me.

Art Expo was, as I expected, entertaining, for lack of a better word. As I’m sure you all noticed, there was a lot of work, a lot of boothes, and a lot of people, all ingredients that create an ideal viewing experience for someone who wants to taste everything and savor nothing; kind of like vacationing in Europe and visiting a new country each day instead of spending the whole week in Spain. You just miss out and by the end can’t remember much other than the rush.

Having said that, it felt good to see work there by some of my classmates including Larissa Borteh and Jessica Campbell who Amanda Ross Ho included in her SAIC curated booth. In a venue filled with loud paintings, both contemporary and modern, and some terrible horse sculptures, for me, it was Ellsworth Kelly’s gentle and simple pencil drawing of a flower at Matthew Mark’s booth and Bill Traylor’s raw and fantastic drawing on cardboard of people drinking, running, swinging hammers at biting dogs, and helping crippled people walk that made me feel the most. The whole trip was worth it for that alone.

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