3-D at Expo

Unsurprisingly, galleries participating in Expo Chicago mainly showcase two-dimensional artwork.  There are obvious space limitations and exhibiting paintings and drawings is practical.  Art fairs are a great opportunity for galleries to promote the artists they work with to a larger audience while participating in the market.  It’s understandable that the amount of two-dimensional work outweighs sculpture in the art fair environment.

I am new to art fairs. I have never experienced art fairs before today, but I had an idea of what to expect.  My expectations were fairly accurate.  A lot painting and most of it not very engaging.  Nonetheless, a very active day and an opportunity to share a few favorites.

For this shortlist, I wanted to highlight three dimensional work rather than focusing on painting and drawing.

Sculptural Highlights:

Alexandre da Cunha

Bill O’Brien

Robert Gober

Carol Bove

Ken Price

Although this is a list highlighting sculpture, I can’t help but mention Betty Woodman’s use of combining both painting and sculpture in her works.  Woodman’s ceramics, including vessels and slabs of clay surfaces depicting the decorative elements of those vessels, are usually displayed in front of the painting.  Her paintings function as a backdrop. Interiors are represented with colorful, fluid brushstrokes enhancing the architecture of each of her chosen spaces.

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