Moon Kyungwon/Jeon Joonho:News from Nowhere: Chicago Laboratory

Moon Kyungwon/Jeon Joonho:News from Nowhere: Chicago Laboratory

Sullivan Gallery,

Moon and Jeon are known by their collaboration works in recent years. And they are now having a show named “News from Nowhere: Chicago Laboratory” in the Sullivan gallery now in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The idea of the project is the artists question nowadays from the postapocalyptic future by working with several elite from different background such as designer, architect , scientist and philosopher. They try to build up a artificial world where almost without nature.  There also two films in the show, characters from  future investigate the world now.

The questions raised in the show is interesting, but in a way seems too huge for anyone of us living in the world to answer. I appreciated their courage and curiosity, but also wonder if the visual elements of the show can represent what was saying in the conversation. The people who collaborate with them provide some different view to the world, however the artists also have to yield to their profession and their current project (like Toyo Ito’s temporary housing project for the Fukushima tsunami) . This become a two-sides issue for the show. I would like to see their conversations more then I might can say more.

The film in the show is worth watching. Delicate and precise, poetic and touching(especially El fin del mundo). Also there are some related talks and conversations during the show, might also be worth going. On October 15th there is a conversation between Moon, Jeon, Toyo Ito, and Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle.

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