Floating Drawings at Adds Donnna

It’s unfortunate that Adds Donna is located in Garfield Park, out of way of the normal gallery procession at the top of September when all of Chicago opens its doors to a new fall art season. But after navigating the green line and several flights of stairs up to the space, the current exhibition is a pleasant reward.

Floating Drawings consists of two bodies of work: a series of large scale wall mobiles made of wire and whimsical paper-mache shapes, and a series of smaller wall-pieces in more geometric arrangements with lower relief.  Although there were arguably too many works in the space given the size of the gallery, Petroff projects a sense eagerness and urgency as if trying to cram a decade of ideas into a single room, while still achieving coherence.

Some of the larger works have a dusty/faded look to them–the parts constructed more haphazardly, placing them, chronologically, before the the smaller works which appear fresher and more concise.  Hovering between mobile and stage set, pulling design elements from Russian Constructivism and Mondrian paired with the wildness of Judy Pfaff and Jessica Stockholder, Petroff’s work offers a fresh delivery of familiar lines.

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